About Us

Facing DIPG DMG is undoubtedly one of the most difficult experiences you will face. We know this first hand. DIPG OneLink is forged from the hope and experience of families like yours committed to build a better path.

Created for Families, By Families who understand

Lisa Ward

Lisa’s son Jace Ward loved football and absolutely collected friends from everywhere. He looked forward to starting law school, when he was diagnosed with DIPG at age 20. After meeting young DIPG warriors, his purpose became speaking for them. He influenced many to improve the roadmap for DIPG DMG families. Tough2gether Foundation was founded by Jace and his parents where their work continues.

Tough2gether Foundation

Stacey Sands

Stacey’s son Hudson lived a life full of energy and love, lighting up the room with his infectious smile, fierce spirit and huge heart. He was diagnosed with DIPG at age 5, and fought for 14 months with his strong will and “don’t stop” attitude. He reminded others to never take a single day for granted. Hudson’s Hope is a family partner of the ChadTough Defeat DIPG Foundation in Hudson’s honor.

Hudson's Hope

Sarva Channarajurs

A foodie, Lego enthusiast, Star Wars fan, and starting pitcher on his baseball team, 13-year-old Mithil embodied the spirit of “Live Life Blissfully”, a note he wrote to his mom on a post-it. After his passing from DIPG in 2016, his family started Mithil Prasad Foundation inspired by his words “Amma (mom), Appa (dad), we should do more for kids like me”.

Mithil Prasad Foundation

Misha Mehta

Misha's son Neev was just 4 years old when he was diagnosed with DIPG. Neev was full of energy, with a sense of humor and adventure beyond his years. He was incredibly creative, loved singing and reading, and took pride in his sneaker collection. He battled for 15 months and was the first to participate in two phase 1 clinical trials. The Neev Kolte & Brave Ronil Foundation was started in honor of Neev and Ronil.

Neeve Kolte & Brave Ronil Foundation


The DIPG DMG Research Funding Alliance (DDRFA) is made up of over fifty foundations, many founded by DIPG or DMG families working to fund research, data discoveries and to expand clinical trials in DIPG and DMG. We’re working hard because we know lives do depend on our work and funding of research. We encourage you to consider joining DDRFA when you are ready to join the fight for others. While you are in the fight know we are fighting with you every single day.

Thank you to these contributors of services who make DIPG OneLink possible.